2019-20 School year commencement

Wednesday  , 28th  August

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to invite you to the commencement of our school year on Wednesday  28th August!

Subject: Messy play morning.



Nursery 1                      Nursery 2 

 9:30-10:30                     11:30-12:30

Please ensure our foxes wear comfortable, casual clothes that will not matter if they get dirty. We also recommend a painting apron if available!

We look forward to seeing you!

The Fox in the pine team

First day

                                                                                      Nursery 2                                     Nursery

      Thursday  28/8   Familiarization with the classroom             9:30-11:00                             11:30-13:00

  Wednesday 29/8   A taste of our Pre-K day                           9:00-11:00                            11:30-13:30 

           Thursday 30/8    First Attempt towards independence  9:00-11:00 (snack )                       11:30-13:30 (snack) 

                Friday 31/8   Towards  independence                     9:00-11:00 (snack)                           11:30-13:30 (snack)

*Snack will be provided by the school