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English music classes at Fox in the Pine in Thessaloniki

Let's get bilingual baby! 

  9 to 18 months & 18 to 36 months

The introduction of a second language from infancy, apart from the fact that it can offer the charming quality of bilingualism, a quality that removes language barriers and gives the confidence to effectively communicate with people from other countries, even from childhood, is also the most suitable way of "further" brain development. Through the parallel acquisition of a second language, the brain is shaped in such a way that allows creative thinking,  flexibility, as well as the acquisition of a higher level of Emotional Intelligence.


For this tender age, our school offers programs once a week, with parental participation. The goal is for our infants and toddlers to "feel" the different way of communicating, to begin to understand concepts in the second language and then to use them appropriately. The content of the programs varies in order to cover a wide range of vocabulary while maintaining the interest of our little friends. For reference, musical and motor education programs, messy play, role play are included.

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Lets get bilingual or..ARE YOU ALREADY?


From 3 to 5.5 years old  

For infants who have already participated in the infant programs, or if they have been exposed to an English-speaking environment, the afternoon preschool program will help them to enrich their understanding of the language and to speak the language, if they have not already done so. From this age already, children can be bilingual, even if they do not speak both languages ​​equally well. However, they are fully aware of language differences, understand meanings in both languages ​​and are ready to talk.

For preschoolers whose parents speak only Greek, they are given the opportunity to be exposed to an English-speaking environment and to master English as a second mother tongue through this program.

For this age, the school offers morning preschool and kindergarten programs, as well as afternoon extracurricular programs from 2 to 3 times a week that cover a range of activities from music kinetics and arts to team sports games.

English Class for toddlers in Thessaloniki
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English Classes for English native speakers


This program is aimed at children who are already bilingual from the family or have bilingual education up to the age of 6. The classes are almost daily, in the afternoon, and include a multitude of lessons and activities, all in the English language.

6-12 years old  

Bilingual & Intercultural Education. The program is aimed at children who by the age of 6 already use the English language at a very good level. Through the program, children naturally develop their language skills as well as their cognitive development. The goal is that by the age of 12, when the language they will use as adults is almost completely mastered, they will be able to communicate in English with the same fluency as in Greek and indeed using a wide range of vocabulary.


(Elementary School; 1st Grade- 6th Grade).  


* Frequency 3-4 / week

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