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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We often refer to the term "effectiveness" of school, both as parents as well as educators, including many times elements, depending on our personal experiences and views, adding a subjective character  to its meaning.

In any case it is a fact that in the (not so distant) past the concept of "Effective school" had been linked to school performance. Is the school's academic approach, which focuses on learning and the acquisition of a wealth of information and data by students, no longer enough?


Nowadays, the concept of "Effective school" seems to be on the verge of being redefined.


Knowledge, after all, as it has been proven many times over, can be acquired more easily when it acquires meaning.

Then, the student, taking an active role in the educational process, can use it, connect it with previous knowledge and experiences, think critically and more deeply.

The "Effective school", therefore, must offer its students fruitful opportunities for all-round development - opportunities to cultivate and strengthen social and communication skills, interpersonal relationships, values and ethics.

The "Effective school" chooses methods that are close to children's nature, suitable each time for the students' developmental stage, laying the foundations and creating the conditions so that they love school and learning,


The "Effective School" travels the student across ecosystems and cultures and gives them a global perspective.

The Fox in the Pine Kindergarten & Elementary program is based on the above axes and aims to offer students the opportunity to become aware and active citizens of the world.

Vera O.  

Fox in the Pine  

 School Director


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