June 24, 2017

What are The Benefits of Being Bilingual?

There has been a lot of research on bilingualism over the years. Many studies have found so many benefits of being bilingual or being able to speak more than one language. A trait that was once considered a hindrance, has now pr...

September 11, 2016

Many parents know that raising their children bilingual has huge benefits in today's interdependent global world.  However, most people still don't  realize that the benefits of bilingual education are far greater than the ability to speak multiple languages.  In fact,...

September 11, 2016

BEING bilingual has some obvious advantages. Learning more than one language enables new conversations and new experiences. But in recent years,psychology researchers have demonstrated some less obvious advantages of bilingualism, too. For instance, bilingual children...

June 9, 2016


What made Mozart great? Or Bobby Fischer? Or Serena Williams?

The answer sits somewhere on the scales of human achievement. On one side: natural talent. On the other: hard work. Many would argue that success hangs in some delicate balance between them. But not Anders E...

May 4, 2016

Erika Christakis' new book, The Importance of Being Little, is an impassioned plea for educators and parents to put down the worksheets and flash cards, ditch the tired craft projects (yes, you, Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey) and exotic vocabulary lessons, and double-d...

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There's Even More Scientific Proof Bilingual Kids Are Smarter

September 11, 2016

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